The Vail, Edwards Colorado and Rotary Club of Leon, Nicaragua partnered to bring backpacks, school supplies and COVID-19 facemasks to 217 rural students outside of Leon, Nicaragua
One child, One Backpack – Leon Nicaragua

Education is much more than acquiring knowledge, it is a means of transmitting values, transforming realities and creating a society with capable people with skills that help them to move forward.
According to the 2009-2013 FIDEG report, it mentions that poor families in Nicaragua are generally made up of seven people on average, this is seen more in rural areas. 28.8% of these households are headed by women.
The educational level is one of the factors that make many children and young people remain in the poorest sector of communities vulnerable to crime, it is also related to the lack of information on sex education, since many single mothers are among them many young women, which makes it difficult to access better living conditions.
Unemployment, lack of adequate housing, basic services and poor working conditions greatly influence the possibilities that the poorest of these communities can choose, since these barriers do not allow them to obtain enough financially to meet the basic needs of the family, which is mostly made up of children. Faced with these needs, the most vulnerable communities in Nicaragua have few options, hence the importance of the support and help that we can give, thus these people, mainly children, will have access to better living conditions and an opportunity to access an education of quality.
• Aimed at girls, boys and young people
• Reach 217 children from the “Chacaraseca Community” León (Nicaragua) Fields of action Teaching and Empowerment
The project initiative seeks that each boy, girl and young person in the Chacaraseca community, one of the most vulnerable rural communities in León (Nicaragua), has basic school supplies.
With the donation of material, we benefit a community of 200 families that lack the financial means to acquire these school supplies.
With the delivery we hope to enhance attendance at classes thus avoiding school absenteeism, favoring motivation and the development of new skills and knowledge.
Our desire through the project is to reduce the inequality that these children may suffer in their classrooms, and in turn increase the level of literacy in the community or neighborhood.
 The “One child, one backpack” project consists of providing 217 children in the Chacaraseca community in León Nicaragua with a backpack with basic school supplies that they require in public schools.
 Due to the different family environments and economic conditions, many of these families cannot cover the cost of this school material for their children, which hinders the educational development of the children.
Many times we hear when children tell us about their interest in doing something or what they would like to be when they grow up, you have noticed that they tell us about it with great enthusiasm and emotion.
But these dreams tend to disappear for some children, due to their family's financial situation, violence and other factors beyond their control. Those dreams, those illusions and desire motivate us to carry out this project and motivate all the children that we can to continue striving to achieve them.
Due to extreme poverty and the scarcity of economic resources in rural communities, mainly in the Chacaraseca Region; as well as the Las Tortuguitas neighborhood, a problem caused mainly by the few job opportunities for families in these communities; Many families do not have sufficient financial resources to meet these demands, mainly for the purchase of school supplies necessary for the boys and girls, who regularly attend classes in their respective schools. In this sense, this project will contribute to partially solve the problem of the shortage of school materials by the student population and in this way favor the teaching-learning process.
1. General Objective
Contribute to the improvement of the teaching-learning process by providing school materials to the school population of 4 schools, 3 in the Chacraseca region located east of León and a school in the Reparto, located southwest of this city.
2. Specific Objective
The purpose of the project is to provide backpacks and school supplies to the student population of 4 schools in the municipality of León.
Thanks to the financial support to execute the project from the Rotary Club Vail for an amount of US $ 4127, we were able to execute the project, which the backpacks were delivered as follows.
Backpacks delivered
Schools Backpacks delivered
Las Tortuguitas  40
Empress Pineda 68
Paradise 72
Ricardo Streb 37
Total 217
The amount executed is detailed below:
School backpacks
Concept Amount U $
School supplies 1526
Backpacks and holsters 2601
Total U $ 4127
• 217 backpacks were delivered thanks to the Rotary Club of Vail in conjunction with the Rotary club of Leon.
• 217 Mouth Covers for the prevention of Covid 19 were delivered to all the children thanks to the Rotary Club of Vail in conjunction with the Rotary club of León.
• In the delivery of the backpacks, all protocols were followed to avoid Covid 19.
• The delivery logistics was assumed by the Rotary Club of León
• Thanks to the tenders and the good prices of the bidders, more backpacks and school supplies could be purchased with the approval of the donor, since the proposed quantity was 150 backpacks and we were able to deliver 217.
• The demand for backpacks in Chacaraseca is approximately 1800 students who are in the same situations, so we hope later in coordination with the Rotary Club of Vail to continue with this project.
• Each delivery was coordinated with the Center Director and the teachers who provided us with the lists and were at the delivery.
• We coordinate and appreciate the support of Club Rotarac León, Ladies Rotarias and RotaKids.
• The Rotary Club of León proposes to the Rotary Club Vail a partnership as Rotarians to continue carrying out projects in León and especially in these communities
• The CRL thanks the Rotary Club Vail for financially supporting the project and we invite you to continue developing projects in the area.